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the therapist was in today and started the effort.
Thanksgiving will be a tad strained - but the post-op visit come next week may be
a little smoother.

Much to do still - and a busy couple weeks ahead.
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What kind of therapy Howie? PT?

Am I being nosy?
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The therapy is starting out by what they call "passive" manipulation of the
arm - she is not supposed to try to move the arm without a "helper". The arm is
supposed to just hang down loosely. The idea is to allow the bicep to return to
a full length position - which has been prevented by the sling for about 2 weeks.
Then the arm is allowed to move a little back and froth, side to side, and then rotating
without her actually causing the movement - letting the body sway. All these cause pain
for her and will take a while to go through. She has lower back pain and has for several
years as well as arthritis in her hips which cause other problem in leaning over to
allow the arm to hang down straight. The therapy is considered occupational rather than
strictly PT - and the PT she has been on is scheduled to continue - just at a reduced

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Ahhh, I see.

When I had a cyst removed from my knee, during arthroscopy, I was on crutches for a week. Prior to this I had been using an exercise bike.

After only one week of not fully using both my legs, I was shocked to see the deterioration in my right quad muscles. I got back on the bike and literally cried because it hurt so much....not the knee, the quads. Gah! That was back in the mid 90’s and I can’t imagine how hard it would be to recover from being bed ridden for a month.

Lucky Dog
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