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I have adopted Stitch Fix as my "I think this is going to be huge stock." I am increasing my stake consistently and incrementally.

(1) I do not look at it as a clothing company. I look at it as a technology company with an apparel storefront;

(2) It is standing on the shoulder of genius, most notably Netflix and using algorithms to give people not only what they want, but what they want immediately with very little effort. The internet started and people were like "wow, I don't have to go to the mall anymore." Well, as the human brain is wont to do, it is never satisfied and now people don't even want to shop on-line anymore. People want to wake up, stretch their arms, and have perfectly fitting clothes drop from heaven onto their bodies as well as the bodies of their family members. Stitch Fix is appealing to the innate laziness and desire of instant gratification of the human condition;

(3) What is the best thing in life. A gift. What is better than a gift? A gift you didn't realize you wanted but is perfect for you.

(4) I just don't see it going away. So at worse it will go sideways. I know people have already lost money on it. I am about break even.

(5) It has the potential to change an industry. Like Walmart who said, we the retailer now tells the manufactures what to do. Stich Fix could gain such an advantage where they are running the apparel manufactures.

(6) If I am completely wrong, at least its because of what I thought, and not what someone else thought;

(7) When I think about the stock, I am more worried about missing out in the future, than losing money now;

(8) History has shown that there is at least one MF recommendation that explodes so in the future they can say "If you picked this stock in 2019 you would be 10,0000,000%!!!. There is no way to be part of the explosion if you don't pick at least one horse and ride it. It's informed gambling.
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