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An interesting article from Bloomberg posted on the Tweedy Browne website ( ) kind of sums up my thoughts. If you don’t own the largest tech growth stocks you won’t look very good in comparison to the market indexes. Tellingly, “just 30 of them produced more than 70% of the total gain over the past five years”. Sadly, these are not the stocks that are prominent in MFI screening so the strategy doesn’t look good in comparison to indexing. As shown in tables below, only the long-term returns since inception are leading both indexes. Shorter than 10-years returns leave a lot to be desired if beating the markets is the goal.

The returns of my portfolio versus those of several Russell indexes through 30-Sep-2020 are as follows:

Portfolio Inception Date IRR R3000 R2000
Real Money 02-Feb-2006 +9.18% +8.94 +6.47

The following table details performance (IRR) over various time frames through the end of the quarter:
Portfolio 10 year 5 year 3 year 1 year
Real Money +13.27 +5.55 +0.02 +0.63
R3000 +13.48 +13.69 +11.65 +15.00
R2000 +9.85 +8.00 +1.77 +0.39

Still working to stay resolute, but wavering,
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OranjeMannetje, I feel stupid, I posted a comment yesterday on the same article you linked here! My apologies for not attributing you. You found it first! Thank you for your continued contributions.
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