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If so, thanks for the great board. It's one I love to look at only occasionally because so many recs, when made, are seen "close up." How do they look after time passes?

I was 180 posts behind. I've looked at virtually every ticker mentioned. Very few are up since talk of buying...a couple are up nominally, many, Like LINN are mere shadows.

What comes out of this small effort are the true opportunities, IMO...not MBLY, but probably CLB. Others may be primed now for takeoff. Your thesis (is) was good, timing not.

Interestingly, closing the port when you did probably saved oodles of dough.

Lastly, you were happy with your NFLX purchase in the $430s...that's the way to stick with it! (and not w/RIG).

See you somewhere else!

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Hi LotB,

Yeah, I'm still here. :-)

Closing timing was lucky, indeed. The last few months have been brutal. I haven't checked this port as if it still existed, but looking at my own portfolio and Stock Advisor's list of recs and the Phoenix 1 port in Supernova, things are down quite a bit, especially for some.

I learned a couple of hard lessons with the MUE port. One was to have a catalyst for getting a higher price, not just low expectations. Second was I should probably avoid physical commodities (FCX -- ugh). And avoid those that can be commoditized (MBLY and other chip makers being a prime example).

Of course, finding a winner and keeping it (and buying more at a "high" like NFLX) can clean up a lot of mistakes! :-) That is still, by far, my own largest holding.

Thanks for your note.

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