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A year ago this was trading for $26-$27. Now it is a buck off its high of $39.40 a share. Yet, this is a quiet board (although I do see rec's for posts -- which is good).

Wheat seems to be the story of the day now. Corn has yet to live up to its expected rise. But sugar still surprises me. If I had thought ethanol is Brazil would have launched it, I would have purchased a lot more DBA.

DBA is an interesting way to play commodities. Unfortunately, futures contracts anticipate future price moves. With crop shortages now part of the nightly news line it is hard to see just how much higher these shares will go.

I would welcome any thoughts on how vulnerable this ETF is to falling contract prices.

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DBA is currently a top ETF pick at the Mechanical Investing board, based on momentum.

John W
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