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Where do you go to find out if a company has been buying back stock for over an extended period?

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I am not sure if you have a particular company in mind, but here is something that might get you on the right track..

1) goto
2) get the quote for your stock in questions (let's use Autozone [ticker: AZO]) in this example and hit "go"
3) click on "detailed quote"
4) on the far left, click on "financial results"
5) on the far left, click on "statements"
6) from the drop down box click on "10 year summary"...[you should be able to see the outstanding shares for the past 10 years]...
7) if that isn't helpful then click on "cash flow statement" from the drop down statement and click on "annual" from the other drop down box
8) one of the lines will be "issuance of capital stock"...another will be "repurchase of capital stock"...

hope that helps!

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In addition to what Royce suggested, you can also check out this site for recent buyback announcements:

It covers three months of buyback announcements, but also shows companies that have announced stock splits, positive and negative earnings pre-announcements, as well as positive and negative earnings surprises.

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