No. of Recommendations: 2
Large Cap Value (div. yield = 0.72%): JCP, FUJIY, HAL, FD, BF, AWE, CLS, DSMKY, CC, PIO

Large Cap Growth (div. yield = 0.00%): ACS, TLK, LNCR, THC, PDCO, TEVA, KSS, FRX, EBAY, APOL

Small Cap GARP (div. yield = 0.28%): MTEC, MGAM, HPLAE, VRST, NLS, JILL, INTL. TBCC, SWM, RMCI

1. Total dividend yield on entire 30 stock portfolio = 0.33%
2. Recommended holding period on LCV is one year and on LCG and SCG is one to two years.

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