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Can anyone tell me the rule for buying and selling the same stock - like can I buy and sell more than once within a specific time period? i.e. buy and sell MSFT today, can I do this again tomorrow, next week, next month?

Is there a source where I can get questions like this answered too?

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I noticed that you never got an answer to this here. Hopefully you got an answer somewhere else, but in case you have yet to find a solution to this problem let me see if I can help.

These types of questions are questions that I usually try to get answered at but I have had trouble finding answers there as of late. Another place I would recommend is for answers to questions involving terms and such. Another good place for answers to questions like yours is your brokerage (either online or if not there over the phone).

As far as I know there are not any limits on how many times you can buy and sell a security in a given time period. You could buy and sell MSFT today, and do it all over again tomorrow, and the next day if you like. I've never tried to buy and sell a security more than one day in a row, but they call it a free market for a reason right? As to if you could buy and sell MSFT today, then next week and/or next month, most definately.

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