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Hi all

Has anyone any experience with the company called Strategic Management Works ?
And with the teachings of Roy McDonald ?

Just curious

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Ahhhh! Strategic Management Works... well I have to admit that I'm a big cynic, but I guess it depends what your looking for.

I heard Roy speak at a seminar... about a year ago. I was a bit skeptical, but the allure of big bucks proved a little too strong when there was a 'money back if you're not satisfied' promise.

From what I've seen/heard they focus on the motivational side of things. I found it really light on the 'how-to', and really heavy on the hard-sell and hype. Lots of noise, music, dancing around,'barking'/'oinking' (!!!? yep - that was my reaction too - I'm still not sure what that bit about).

Generally lots of talk about possibilities, but very little about practicalities (which was part of the hard sell). It seemed that to find anything out you had to attend a next course (and a next course and a next course), at only a few thousand bucks a pop.

I quit while I felt I was ahead - and I never did hear back about that money back guarantee (despite phone calls, faxes etc).

I know of others who have got right into it... each to their own, but I'm steering clear.
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Hi KarinaB

Thank you for your message. I too felt the allure of big bucks a little too strongly and attended his 5+7 course. I have not done any other courses ... but he certainly does make them appear attractive ! Which courses did you do ?

I would also have to agree that they were a little 'light' on the practicalities. Someone challenged him on this in the course and he said it was necessary to first cover the Principles, then the Strategy and finally the Tactics ... or the practicalities. He tried to explain this was the sequence in which to learn ...

Do you personally know any of those people that "got right into it" ? I would like to know about their experiences too.

Have you found any courses / seminars etc worthwhile attending here in Sydney ?

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Hi Bron,

I did the intro course to 5+7... at the time it wasn't too clear, but it was really a pre-5+7 session. I was really tempted to go further, there was a feeling of 'the answer' being just around the corner - but I figured that if they didn't come through on their promises re: the intro session, than there was little guarantee that they'd deliver on anything else.

I know of a few people who did 5+7, and others that went further... one went to the post-session interview with her parents, and feels that the three of them got snowballed into signing away $5000(?) each for the next step... another person has gone on to become part of the Strategic Management Works corp. in their own right.

Generally speaking people seem to emerge either strongly pro- or stronly anti-...

I've been looking around for seminars etc, but I'm a bit more cautious now. I've been doing my own reading/research through books, magazines, Motley Fool... and whatever else looks interesting. I've been planning to check out the Wednesday lunch talks organised by ASX, but haven't quite made it yet. Let me know if you come across anything interesting :)

I'm also keeping an eye out for an sydney based investment club that might be starting up (or for any like-minded people who might be interested in starting one)... any interested Fools out-there?
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