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The foofawraw about the Danish-newspaper cartoons has nothing to do with freedom of speech and everything to do with fundamentalist Muslims yanking the West's chain so they may give their populace the belief radical Islam is winning in its thrust against the west. It also adds to the reasons given that moderate Muslims are out of tune and must decide on which side of the fence they are.

We, having our chain yanked, reply in our terms and our values defending the right to expression. This only fuels the radicals – they say we defend blasphemy. We respond with our argument it isn't yet our reply is turned against us again. It's a lose situation engineered by the radicals and we step into that pile of poop once again.

The scheme is this: the west will respond to charges centered in radical Muslim values. The charge can be 'real' or not. It doesn't matter if someone piddled on the Koran but that the West will respond. And no matter the answer the west gives it can be manipulated to show the Muslim man-on-the-street there is reason for being anti-western.

That the Muslim man-on-the-street is fomented into rioting strengthens those Muslim governments in several ways: it is the will of the people these governments continue to hold their views; these governments can take measures defending Muslim religious 'rights' and control middle-of-the-road Muslims; and defend the practices of supporting radical Muslim terrorist activities.

The objective of all this is to whip up the Muslim man-in-the-street as a domestic response and to get the west to respond and –expected – division of response from the west as indication the west is fractionalized.

We are arguing the right to free expression – at least, some of us are – while some of us argue about how this right ceases at embarrassing another's religious views. This delights the radical Muslims: see, the west is divided amongst itself. Additionally, the radical Muslims, sensing division, ask from one side of that division that which will show the west is a paper tiger.

It's a con job and we're knuckling under it. We are apologizing for our hard-fought rights. We are being put into a position of placating myths – lies promulgated specifically to get a reaction from the west.

Note one thing: the sensibilities 'harmed' are always of the same genre: something that only the Muslim populace will believe is a harmed sensibility. Sometimes one wonders in how many ways can we 'defile' the Koran when the answer is we don't have to: the radical Muslims will decide if, when and how we did.

The Danish consulates in Syria were burned. This in a country where a gathering of more than ten people is put down by the police. So why did Syria 'allow' a mob to burn the consulates? Or does Syria have a point to make and through whipping up a riot makes the point? Could it be the point is radical Muslin solidarity versus western diverseness?

Guaranteed it will be something else next. Abu Ghraib, the defiling of the Koran at Gitmo, Danish cartoons, whatever. And we'll find ourselves apologizing again and again.

What I fear is a political correctness we will impose on ourselves as a response to radical Muslim accusations. It is already not correct to say to the radical Muslims to STFU but that we say, “Sorry that my foot is underneath yours.”

It's a con job and we're being conned.


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