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Had a good lecture yesterday by Berkeley Prof( in meeting hall downstairs) on the "Chronometric Brain" which talked about how events in time set up certain neurons in the brain which affected our views of before X and after X.
Early bed but got up this morning for:
PBS Morning Puzzlemaster
Swimming 30 lengths in the pool
Huge brunch buffet
Watering garden bed
Husband's bridge game later
Making gazpacho from huge tomato harvest from my little garden plot
My (secret) efforts to make photo album "Thanks for 50 Years of Happy Moments"
Prep for business trip for DH this week
50th Anniversary which happens on business trip at a wine country resort.

One thing you probably all know. If one doesn't date one's photos at the time,or don't have accurately organized albums, and years of photos were taken before the magic automatic dating of your phone camera, trying to compile fifty years in chronological order is a pain!

Be sure to label all your photos in the years ahead.....

Maryanne (resident in Old People's Home)

PS we did our 50th Anniversary celebration by taking kids and grandkids to Cancun Club Mediterrane Mexico in Dec. So quiet one this week.
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we did our 50th Anniversary celebration by taking kids and grandkids to Cancun Club Mediterrane Mexico in Dec.

How about some highlights of the trip. What did you and your family do there. I've never been.
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Dear Salary Guru,

I'm not sure if you wanted to know about Mexico, Cancun, or our vacation. I'll do the latter.

Club Mediterranee ( my spell-check refuses to let me type it correctly) was perfect for our three generations. When we were younger Club Med was for youngies, singles, newly weds etc. Now they have changed their image.

The accommodations were very comfortable. The day-time pleasant weather enabled you to do whatever you wanted, beach or pool. For the oldies ( my group) there were many enjoyable programs and a daily show. For the younger marrieds there were a lot of physical and out door sons in law loved sailing, table tennis,water polo, a trip to the island...etc. For the children there were different aged "camp" the 11 year old did not have to be with 7 year old brother etc.

We met for an excellent buffet breakfast, casual lunch, and then you could choose between a more formal steak-house-type sit down served dinner, or a huge and very varied buffet dinner at very comfortable for kids, sophisticated French food for adults, ordinary American stuff, Mexican specialties...and French style,..a cheese table for my cheese loving husband! There was a third restaurant on the premises we didn't use.

Our daughters and sons in law really appreciated the freedom to be alone, and yet also family activities as desired. There was no hurry or pressure on anyone. The kids would LOVE to go back if Gran and Opa would spend the money!!!!!

Hope this helps. We have heard the one at Ixtapa is not as much fun.

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Thanks, Maryanne. Your response is exactly what I was interested in. SGSpouse and I have enjoyed travel quite a bit. When we were much younger, we backpacked Italy, Greece, Peru, Chile, Easter Island. . . We did spend a lot of time in northern Mexico many years ago - driving to little known archaeology sites and small villages mostly in Chihuahua and Sonora. We've also spent a significant amount of time more recently traveling in Europe and some in Egypt and Israel. And we've spent a lot of time in the Asia Pacific(China, Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, India, Australia).

But we're getting old enough that some of these trips can be difficult or uncomfortable. Plus, traveling the world as an American has been uncomfortable on several occasions and that seems to be getting more common. With our current regime in power, I would be worried about visiting S. Korea, for example. So we're looking at Mexico and Central America as a possible travel destination. It seems like it could be less risky and we both speak at least a little bit of Spanish. We still seek adventure and diverse entertainment, but in a more tame version that doesn't stress out old pharts as much.
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