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Suspect I will skip the celebration.


Supreme Court bars New York's COVID limits on religious house of worship attendance

NOVEMBER 26, 2020 / 3:30 AM / AP
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Should a House of Worship have the same restrictions as non-essential businesses? Or the same as essential businesses? Maybe the same as non-residential gatherings? Or no restrictions at all. The word "essential" is not precise: absolutely necessary; extremely important. It seems the Supreme Court wants no special treatment of houses of worship. In that case, houses of worship are not a business. Houses of worship are non-residential gatherings.

Large groups of singing people have been super spreaders of COVID-19. Government restictions on non-residential gatherings are needed when there is wide spread community transmission of the virus.

"One legal definition of essential services is contained in the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS Directive), Annex II, which lists essential services as energy (electricity, oil and gas), transport (air, rail, water and road), banking, financial market infrastructure, healthcare (hospitals and clinics), drinking water and digital infrastructure."

     Type of Activity                         in Red Zones
Non-Residential Gatherings Prohibited
Residential Gatherings Prohibited
House of Worship Lesser of: 25% of maximum capacity, 10 people
Businesses  Non-essential businesses are closed 
Dining Takeout or delivery only
Schools Closed Remote-only. Can open with mass testing.

"The groups sued to challenge attendance limits at houses of worship in areas designated red and orange zones, where New York had capped attendance at 10 and 25 people, respectively. But the groups are now subject to less-restrictive rules because they're now in areas designated yellow zones."
"In an unsigned order, a majority of the court said the restrictions "single out houses of worship for especially harsh treatment.""
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This is the sort of event the rules were put in place to limit. It is NOT the same as a bicycle repair shop as compared in one of the supporting statements. Incidentally, the neighborhood (Williamsburg) where this took place has not been in the red zone for as long as other neighborhoods outr of political concerns.

Turn on the speaker on the lower video for a better effect:

I have been avoiding going to shops or walking in neighborhoods which are heavily populated with observant Jews as I feel the risk of acquiring COVID-19 is higher there than, say, Chinese neighborhoods where everyone walks wearing a mask.

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Speaking of superspreaders, being a "swing state", Michigan was the site of almost daily mass political rallies for a month. Now that we are 3 weeks past the election, and the people who picked up covid at the rallies finished spreading it to everyone else in their families, the new case rate has been trending down in Michigan for the last week.

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