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The surgeon called a little bit ago and they pulled 4-5 teeth, and cleaned what she had left, he said it looked like others have dropped out on their own. Blobs of skin being biopsied but he didn't think they were bad. Didn't hear about swab and I didn't ask.

They are going to keep her there overnight for observation. She's going to be offered food. Her mouth is going to be a little sore so they are going to give me Tramodol to give her for pain. That's the only thing she can take. I'm glad they are going to keep her because I'm worried of infection from all that crud taken off her teeth.

She's on the lowest dose of prednisone and that's 1/2 of a pill and that may be 2.5 mg. and she's also on cyclosporine, which also suppresses the immune system. Any body, human and animal, is more prone to an infection or some bug, being on these drugs. Without them, she would be lame as it has kept her poly-arthritis at bay(bey) since 2006. The lymphoma was diagnosed in 2009 and more than likely was due to being on those drugs. She's been in remission after the first chemo treatment at that time.

She's been feeling good lately and she was especially spry this morning going outside. She seemed caught off guard when we went out to the car. She seems to know when it's chemo day-that's once a month. They know and live by our routines.

I'm to call the hospital tomorrow after 830 and see if and when I can pick her up. I hope she has a restful night....and me too, I'm a zombie.

I left the hospital this morning and since I forgot to use my nasal spray I went on a hunt to find some Nasalcrom which works but it leaves a white residue in the nostrils or it drips down, looks awful. Anyway, I went to 3 places and couldn't find any so bought some saline spray, then stopped by a Wawa for a 24 oz. coffee..this was around noon. I was going to go to a noon meeting but it was on the other side of town so dropped that and tooled around to my hairdresser's shop early. I told him of my unhappy and tired state as he was working on somebody else's hair. It's a one man shop so...anyway, I told him I was ready for something new, my hair had gotten kinda ratty looking and I had missed my last appt and had to wait a month to see him! He gave me a new look, it's shorter, not a buzz, kept some length on it and it's supposed to be low maintenance...he's knows that's my preference. I'm too tired to know whether I like it or not. I need to wash it, get some sleep and see how it looks after all the goop is off of it. :) birdlady, I know you understand, these men on here don't have these problems. :)

okay, I've run out of words and I think I'm going to go to a meeting at 530...haven't been to that one in a while.

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Glad to hear your puppy is doing so well! I'm sure she'll be happy to see you in the morning!

Bet that new haircut looks fab!

Always ;-)
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