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My husband is seventy-one years old and I am a year younger. With the use of an Excel Spread Sheet my husband is able to calculate our RMD and any additional withdraws so that our Federal Income Tax liability is within a few dollars of the maximum amount for the 10 (ten) percent minimum tax rate with the estimated sale of stock with a loss.

We are considering if it would be wise to sell some of our losing stock(s) in a taxable account, which do not appear to be recovering, to obtain a loss on the 2012 Federal Tax Return. That would allow us to withdraw more than just the RMD from our IRA accounts. We also realize we would be paying taxes on the additional withdrawal funds but we would have less to pay in taxes, in future years. Or alternatively, would we be best off to sell the losing stock(s) and purchase other, hopefully better performing stock(s), and just withdraw the minimum from the IRA, meeting the RMD requirements, and worry about annual income taxes as they come due.

We also considered withdrawing an additional amount that would add to the RMD an amount that would increase my Federal Income Tax liability that I would actually have to write a check for to just less than five hundred ($500.00) dollars, thus keeping our tax payment under the $500.00 cutoff to preclude quarterly payments for estimated taxes in 2013. This would increase our IRA withdraw by only just over $1,530.00, or about 13.7 percent. Would this be a worthwhile suggested course of action in lieu of the above-mentioned considerations from the previous paragraph?
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