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Well, here I am, foolishly (literally!) doing my taxes on 4/15/01 and I have a question so I turn to all my Foolish friends! Now, you have to promise not to laugh at my investing style...I purchased 100 shares of PLRX (I know, I know) at $1.50 (thought I was getting a deal! Anyway, they did a 1:8 reverse split so now I only have 12.5!

Well, my wopping proceeds is .13 - look, I said don't laugh at me :(

Should I bother giving the IRS this info?? I use Turbo Tax and it only has a place for a "sale". This is my first year of investing (my others are doing just fine, thank you :) so I am being very careful. Any advice???


Tia :)
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I think I would throw it in. What the heck. At least you made money.

And stop beating yourself up. No one is laughing. I bought WCOM at $53, and they are currently trading at $19.68.

You did better then most of us.

Now quit reading the boards, and get back to those taxes. ;-)

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Sure, put it in on Schedule D. You sold half a share
for .13. Your cost basis was that of four shares, (which
would include commission and any handling charge your
broker may levy). Or you can put it in at zero basis
pay tax on the .13 and when someday you sell the remaining
12 shares, figure the full purchase price as your basis.

The IRS won't quibble in either case.
Best wishes, Chris
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