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TCDA is being told by the FDA they need more data. Data that it appears they would need to run a totally new trial.

So they are cutting staff.

Cost restructuring

FDA meeting.
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This is depressing and infuriating at the same time.

I had said this was essentially what the FDA would do/say and that TCDA was dead money for awhile.

I'm still flabbergasted that some truly BS medicine with minimal to no data is allowed to be out there and here is something that has solid data and could really affect long term outcomes and have a really high cost:benefit ratio... Yet here we are.

This is a big L for me. I would absolutely take the chances I took a year or two ago. I'm not really sure what the learning point here is except be really careful chasing falling stocks, though I will maintain TCDA doesn't deserve this fate and I feel awful about it for patients.

If someone has some learning points, please by all means.
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So what are the odds of TCDA being able to get enough funding to continue needed tests? Is this complete response final or is there a chance the FDA changes their mind?

Right now the market cap is over $300 million.

So they lost $178 million last year and now plan on reducing expenses by $25 million. So that's $153 million in losses annually going forward.

They have $375 million in cash and debt of $75 million due 2021-2023. So taking out that debt due they basically have 2 years worth of cash at these current run rates.

The stock has been recovering in the last 2 days. Either a dead cat bounce or the market realizing this is not a complete failure.
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