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And boy are they boring.

These are the uniforms the team will wear for the closing ceremonies. Let's hope there is something better for the opening.
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I'm not sure the uniforms have ever been that exciting. Certainly not as colorful as some other countries. I think Team USA goes more for a formal, classically elegant look than flashy.

Also, with no fans in the stands, I'm not sure anyone is going to be paying attention anyway. No international guests will be allowed to attend the games, only local Japanese in the stands. That's going to make for an underwhelming competition experience.

Who questions how many of the athletes are even going to be able to get past public health safety protocols to compete...

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I prefer low-key to flashy and gaudy. They look fine to me. But Ralph Lauren? They certainly don't look anything special. I could've come up with something similar and for a lot cheaper, I'll bet.
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Things can look interesting without looking gaudy.
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