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I like what he says. At the end he proposes 2 options and I think that option number 1 is the better option, primarily because it will force a true free market system where the best material/system gets the most business.

His second option would be effective to an extent however, I think it will be to easy for the buercratic process to water down the potential results.

For example 80% of teachers want XX changed, however governement contracting rules require processes that can delay the implementation of the requested change of anywhere from 6 months to 2 years (or more) depending on the scope of change, contract disputes, actual costs, political factors when deciding budgets, etc...

It happens all the time in the military despite many "initatives", lean six sigma projects etc... This is why you see million and billion dollar construction projects completed with no use for them. The process is no different in the education system.

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Hello Re: Re: Toxic Culture of Education,

Something about rates makes long-term-investments beyond the mind-sets of any-person who consumes more than 30% of their income-streams.

Thusly, blue giraffes are short-term-thoughts in the same mind-sets for there aren't budgets for blue-girafees.


The Wind-from-the-East-says do not fret-about-blue-giraffes until you feed them some-time: then they are friends! I hate animals!!


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