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telegraph rants: <<...there are 12 million illegal (criminal) people who have snuck into the country (border runners) and that the mouthpieces of Congress (Ted Kennedy included) screamed and yelled that excluding felons, sexual predators, and repeat offenders would exclude up to 2.5 million of them from 'a path to citizenship' - when I get upset? What part of convicted felons don't you get? What part of illegal don't you get? What part of welfare leeches don't you get?>>

Most undocumented immigrants in the US aren't "border runners." They are people who entered the country legally but then didn't leave when it was time to leave. With the clear intent of being provocative, the 2.5 million estimate lumps together "felons and sexual predators" with perfectly ordinary farm workers, landscapers, drywallers, dishwashers, and Molly Maids whose only "offense" is repeatedly driving back into the US to work and earn some money for their families.

telegraph continues: <<The Dept of Gov't undercounting says it will cost 2.5 TRillion to provide benefits to those 'instant residents' over the next 40 years. SS and Medicare are already in deep doo-doo finance wise. You seem to want to compound the problem.>>

The "Dept of Gov't"?? As for the $2.5 Trillion figure, it is meaningless. One can generate pretty much any estimate one wants depending upon the hypotheticals one uses. The vast majority of peer-reviewed academic studies show net costs ranging from slightly positive to slightly negative (i.e., a net economic benefit) -- because the majority of "illegal" workers still pay into Social Security and federal tax withholding but don't claim the amount withheld; and they also pay sales taxes every time they buy something; plus they create new economic demand for goods and services every time they buy something here.

In that regard, I find it both amusing and sad that so many Lou Dobbs wannabes call undocumented immigrants "welfare leeches" (your terminology) and in the same breath complain that the immigrants steal jobs from "legal" Americans. Facts never seem to get in the way of visceral hatred.

The undocumented workers in the US are "illegal" because the archaic US immigration laws are bumping against economic reality, and reality is winning. The US needs these workers, and the laws need to be changed. Do you know that the waitlist for "legal" status (green card) is backlogged TEN YEARS? Undocumenteds would gladly obtain legal status if it were possible as a practical matter. They can't because of the absurd bureaucratic mess. We can and should fix that mess.

When I was a kid in S. Carolina, the schools I attended were segregated by law, along with drinking fountains, waiting rooms, etc., etc. The folks who challenged those laws were acting "illegally." The anti-immigrant xenophobes today remind be a lot of the "law and order" segregationists back then.

BUT MY MAIN REASON FOR POSTING IS THIS: I left the other "Retire Early" board to get away from ranting so-called "conservatives" such as you (too many of whom have hijacked a perfectly respectable political philosophy to serve as a thin disguise for their selfishness and prejudice). Why must you come over here and spout vile, ignorant nonsense?

Please leave. Just leave.

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