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STL must be pissed!
Losing in OT of a playoff game on a goal that should have been blown dead. Yikes.
They were pissed. A number of players smashing their sticks against the glass.
Hand pass > goal
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Not so sure if this was reviewable it would have been reversed. He batted the puck down (allowed) but it was not a clear 'pass'. The rule is subjective. No question there was an effort to keep the puck live and in front of the net area, but 'deliberately directed' was not obvious.

67.1 Handling Puck - A player shall be permitted to stop or “bat” a puck in the air with his open hand, or push it along the ice with his hand, and the play shall not be stopped unless, in the opinion of the Referee, he has deliberately directed the puck to a teammate in any zone other than the defending zone
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Yeah, I was thinking that too but I didn't have the actual rule handy.
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