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for several years, this service has been friend and mentor in my investing.

regretfully, i will not be partaking of the Market Pass opportunity. i see no value in a $750 dollar service that will offers services i do not value....and not those i did.

i leave with great appreciation for the Admiral, and all the subsequent team members who have gathered and reported on IV over the years.

thank you.

dana aka hondodog
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Hi Dana,

Thanks for your kind words- it has been a privilege and a most enjoyable experience

Best Regards
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Hi Dana, please see this post I made last night:

Save Inside Value

The post is on the Market Pass boards, because those boards will not go away.

With appreciation for Inside Value,
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Before these boards close, I want to echo this sentiment and express my gratitude for the value-oriented and thoughtful service the IV Fools have provided for so many years. To Rich, Philip, John, and all the other current advisors; to Joe, Rana, and all those who have previously contributed to the service; and to those few vocal and dedicated community board contributors: thanks for all the fish and for the fishing lessons. You have quietly posted one of the most consistent and best track records in Fooldom, and have been kind enough to make into a continuing learning opportunity. I've especially enjoyed the series of interviews with value investors that John was able to provide. The orientation to value and the focus on each company's fundamental performance has been an abiding beacon. Sorting that list of stocks by margin of safety was fertile ground and a favorite tool. The discussions on the IV boards, while not as copious as those on Stock Advisor, were sure to be focused and free of noise. This is (was) my favorite TMF service and the only one I consider essential. My guess is that after my trial period on Market Pass, I'll be entering a long dark tea-time of the soul, a period of time away from the Fool - but not from my Foolish ways. I hope I get the opportunity to cross paths with you again.

Thank you, sincerely, and I wish you all the best in your new roles.

Fool on!
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This Board is not closing. I repeat unless my message is not clear, this board is not closing.

It has been moved to the public side of where all past and future posts will be accessible. After tomorrow, the IV wrapping will go away, but the board will remain for as long as Fools keep posting in it.

Who notes IV Fools can keep the spirit of value investing alive on the public IV boards and he hopes you do...

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Hi Gameguru,

Just to repeat Fuskie's message. This board and a couple IV community boards are available to you on the free side of the Motley Fool. No membership required. You can feel free to keep posting about all things Value.

The analysts are going to be adding tags to companies in the stock screener database. I suspect that there are companies within Stock Advisor that overlapped with IV companies, and some time (hopefully sooner rather than later) it will be easy to identify them using the stock screener. Unfortunately, it won't include a margin of safety or buy around price.

Fool One Guide
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