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Thanks for picking up this thread.
The response previously was at best ill informed.
To the friend who advised the rulers of the Emirates would respond to requests for places of worship is clearly unaware of what he is speaking so be careful of any advice he gives you related to this region.
The Emirates is multi-religious and there are already and have been for decades Catholic, Protestant and Anglican Churches.
They present the Islamic faith as it should be and is in the vast majority of the Islamic World.

Regarding the historical perspective it is true that under the rule of the Caliphs of Syria Jews lived and prospered for generations.
The problems arose with an influx of Jewish descendants from Europe pre and post World War 1 that brought with them notions of self rule and democracy learnt from Europe.
This resulted in the Balfour declaration and ultimately the Nation State of Israel being enshrined by the UN in 1948.
From then till now the Arab states now split into several countries since the end of the Caliphs rule refused to accept any "Arab" land being given to non-Muslim or non-Arabs.
However we digress from the question at hand. The rulings you gave based upon archaic law from the 7th century is not in place in 90%+ of the Islamic World so I return to why is that Saudi Arabia persists in being the only Country, as far as I know, denying the right to worship.
To the poster who finds it tiresome that Islam being judged solely on Saudi Arabia does have a point but I specifically raised it as Saudi Arabia is not simply another Muslim country that the rest of the Muslim World can whisper about in select circles as some kind of black sheep of the faith.
They are specifically charged with protecting the Holy sites of Mecca and Medina and as such must be even beyond the highest level of Islamc faith.
How would we in the West think about the Vatican as one of the "holy sites" of Catholicism being backward in their teachings or behind the rest of the World's Christian understanding.
As such and I KNOW Saudi Arabia beleives themselves to be in that position and that it is the rest of the Muslim World who are behind them in their Islamic understanding, hence their devotion to a strict interpretation of Islam and the only one applying the strict code of Sharia Law. Hence also Saudi Arabia's funding of the Qu'ran according to Wahabbism being published in the millions and distributed for free around the Islamic World.

However enough of this subject let us move it onto another poser.
If a Christian chooses to become a Muslim he is rightly welcomed into the Faith, however if a Muslim chooses to convert to Christianity can someone explain why by doing so they sign their own death warrant.
If you wish for links I will provide them showing even today people are being killed for "converting to Christianity".
Most Muslims will not need links as they know this is true abhorrent as it may be to them.
Again I ask for the reasons to understand what lies behind this, wehre does it come from and what does the average Muslim think of this practice.

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