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Thanks for responding, I too do most of my banking online. I use B of A online as well as to take advantage of their better rates than traditional banks.

I feel we have a similar outlook and understanding of the rewards but also potential risks using the 'net to manage one's personal finances.

How do you feel about having all your financial info consolidated on 1 website, if I may ask? Mint claims your info is safe since it is "read-only; thus it cannot be used to make any transactions, implying then I assume that no one can actually move $ to / from Mint to your accounts or any 3rd-party accounts. In your experience, would you agree?

My inference would be that as long as your mint password / username isnt the same as your brokerage account, bank acount, and wherever else your cash may be parked, then you are 'safe' if say a hacker breaks into Mint and gains access to all of its data and thus your financial info. They'd simply know how much $$$ Christian, Dom, or whoever has, but couldnt do anything about it. Crudely speaking, it would be the same as driving by someone's 10k sq foot house with 5 sports cars in the drive-way and a pool. You can tell he has a lot of money, but can't really do anything about it...crudely speaking again.

Nonetheless, hesitant about putting all my financial info in 1 place. Seems like that would be a goldmine to a hacker, hence Mint is much more of a target and mebbe then potential liability then say an account with B of A, Fidelity,, etc. Of course, I could be totally wrong here as well.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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