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Thanks for the explanation on discrete. I was reading some Sony threads on avsforum and a lot of people had the same problem I had and they all contributed it to heat and dry solder connections. In fact many of them tried re-soldering and fixed their machines, at least for a while.


Heat is the destroyer of amps and was one of the reasons I sold my Yamaha RX Z-9 and bought the RX Z-11. The Z-9 ran so hot even the cat couldn’t stay on it (as it does now with the Z-11).

Right now it's just a battle of wills between me and DH. I think I'll be able to get him to understand the discrete amp just fine (he is an EE after all). It's all the other stuff and "why isn't the 373 just good enough, don't let those guys on the Fool sway you", I probably shouldn't mention to him the older version, the v371 which just dropped to $189 on Amazon.

RM, the whole purpose is to sway you. Would hubster buy a cheap multimeter that didn’t have DC measurement? No way. And you shouldn’t buy an amp that doesn’t do what you want in the future. The question is how many features and connections do you need and will you need? My point is get the most you can because in time your needs will change.

We try to live very frugally here. But I am trying to get DH to realize the home theater IS our main entertainment.

Same with Elly and me. I’d guess many on this board the same.

LOL, I have to tell you, my dad gave me the Sony. He was notorious for upgrading his stuff often. It's from him I got my love of music and electronic stuff. I'm looking at all the equipment in this room, the Onkyo stereo music system and the Sony HT system and DH did not have a hand in acquiring a single item except in that he helped pay for it and had to listen to me (sometimes, usually he tries to tune me out, says I get a little too obsessive about it).

There’s a fine line between a hobby and an obsession. I crossed it years ago. Welcome to passion. I haven’t totaled up the cost across the years but the present home theater incarnation is about $25.000. Well, it keeps me out of the pool halls.

Here is a comparison chart from the Yamaha. (threw in the v571) I noted the V -x71 versions don't have that 4k pass through.

$K is the high, high end of reproduction. No one is producing the media for it and won’t for some time. Even upscaling to 4K is expensive. Right now 4K is used in restoring movies and needs massive computing power to do so. Disregard it.

So which amp do you fancy?

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