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Well, I finally finished TMF trilogy. I wanted to say thank you for the hot tip in the first half of Breakers and Makers.

I was wondering what to do next. I've been through all three books, plus the Investment Guide Workbook. I had business and investing coming out of my ears. Then the hot tip hit me! I paged back through the book and found the name I was looking for - Patrick O'Brian.

I'm now taking a break from reading investment books and I'm slowly working my way through the 19th century as I explore the 'enrichment' side of things. I finished a pre-Aubury book last weekend, and now I'm working on Master and Commander.

Thanks for the tip David. I owe you one.

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My pleasure! The O'Brian books (which I myself am only halfway through) are very enjoyable. I had one Foolish reader e-mail me a thank approximately 6 months after our book was published. He was e-mailing me to let me know he'd read ALL 19 Aubrey-Maturin books, and had enjoyed them very much.

I can't read that fast. Maybe you can. :)

Have a Foolish weekend,

David G.
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