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That is a little on the strange side and I think you have 5 possibilities:
Once again, thanks for your help! I will attempt to reply to your points for further analysis.

1. The yeast went in even warmer than you think and is working under duress, at least initially.
The former is certainly possible, but what are the ramifications of the latter? If you mean the temp may have killed off too much yeast, I'm not sure. It certainly was bubbling merrily away for some time - 1st batch I'd had with significant blowoff, and the top portion of the bottle remained opaque with foam/hops-debris ever after. Wouldn't that have not happened?

2. The environment is cooler than you think -- it's not on a stone floor is it? -- and/or the temperature is fluctuating in such a way that it's affecting the ferment.
Not on a stone floor, but near the floor on a case of empties in the basement storage room. Last weeks heat wave (into the low 90's) raised the brews temp (measured via a stick-on strip thermometer) to 80 or 82 for a day or two. Most of the time it's been around 76.

3. The beer was done some time ago and is now just degassing.
What's degassing? (it better not be anything like a henway! ; )

4. The yeast is decomposing and throwing off gas (unlikely but possible if the warm pitching stressed the yeast.)
No idea here.

5. Wild yeast and/or bacteria is consuming the unfermentable sugars.
I tried really hard to keep things sanitized. Used bleach water & rinsed for the most part with boiled water. I may have run out and used regular tap water, I don't recall. I have read different takes on rinsing with tap water and wanted to play it safe, but I may have had to use some.

As always, the solution is to use one of the hydrometers to meaure the gravity. In this case I'd measure over 3 consecutive days to see if it's changing before doing anything.
Just measured for the first time (didn't have a hydrometer when I started the batch).
Reading = 1.014-1.015 (somewhat hard to read - didn't seem like a fine enough scale to my inexperience eye)

Room temp was 69F
Beer temp before siphoning off sample was 68F
(don't know how quickly it would rise to 69, though)

According to hydrometer instructions, at 70F I add .001, so assuming sample raises 1F to room temp quickly, I extrapolated that to adding .0009
So my Spec Grav should be 1.0149-1.0159
Is that enough to tell anything? Extemely low or high? (the beer I'm trying for is about 5.8%, but really I only care about taste)

I tried diligently to avoid getting any of the foam/hops-debris while siphoning a small sample (dipping my sanitized cane in like a straw, with finger over the top end to pull out a sample, a little at a time), but some may have gotten into the sample. Would that throw the SG off significantly? I had say a .5-.75 inch open area through the plug of foam at the top.. is there an easier way to do this?

FINALLY, I tasted it - and to my surprise it tasted great! Very full-bodied and strongly hoppy! If there were any infections, it was not obvious. This is intended to be an adaptation of Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale, that 2Leos has been kind enough to help me with (see post 868 for reference), if that's of any help.

I'm inclined to go ahead and bottle unless I hear otherwise. It tastes good, and if it's not done now, well it must be close, don't you think? :-)

You should taste the sample too to rule out nos. 4 & 5. Good luck!
I guess that rules out 4 & 5 - woo-hoo!

Thanks & a tip o' the lid! :-)

PS - One odd thing, I noticed a small amount of carbonation when I tasted it. Perhaps it really has been done for some time, and this bubble-timing thing is not a good idea?
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