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The Captain's ARK is now updated to Friday July 23.

I got rid of the buggy Yahoo API and I'm using my own database. If you find a mismatch between a company name and its ticker symbol, let me know. They reuse old symbols for new companies.

Denny Schlesinger
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No. of Recommendations: 4
Yeay!!!!! So good to hear!!!Thank you Captain!!!!

I hear you about murphy's law.Seems everywhere you look these days, steroided murphy's law is in full display!

I hope first thing first, you get your eyes fixed.
I have known so many who have done Cataract surgery. They all agree it was very helpful to them and downtime is just a day or two. I would have totally volunteered to be your caregiver for those days if i lived closer.

Secondly it was not Captain's ARK fault the market exploded right during that time.There was no way to see it coming, all your efforts and tireless coding to create the tool is very much appreciated Captain and i am sure we will find ways to utilize The Cptain's ARK once market settles a bit.
Adding Covered call selector to the ARK will be wonderful and make it even more helpful. Totally looking forward to that.

I have just basically been sitting hands. Have not done trading or options or anything. Market showed me how i dont really know anything. Need to get over my anxiety so i can make a game plan for what to do next.
i am so happy we at least got out of BEAM and NTLA closer to the top. ?

Stay well Captain and everyone.

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