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The Conversation: A Family's Private Decision
Talking to loved ones near the end of life.
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When having the Conversation it doesn't hurt to think about this either.

Afterlife exists says top brain surgeon

"A prominent scientist who had previously dismissed the possibility of the afterlife says he has reconsidered his belief after experiencing an out of body experience which has convinced him that heaven exists."


"Dr. Alexander says he had heard stories from patients who spoke of outer body experiences but had disregarded them as "wishful thinking" but has reconsidered his opinion following his own experience."

full article can be read @:


Like my momma used to say, "truth is stranger than fiction."

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Mom and I had our "Conversation" while sitting in the waiting room while my Father was dying. She said she wanted no unusual measures taken. She reiterated her wishes several times in the intervening years.

After 17 years, her time came. Her kidneys were failing as a consequence of taking Coumadin after having a pacemaker "installed". My brother and I conferred and decided it was time. She wasn't going to get better and it was akin to torture to bring her to the E-room every two months to detox her blood w/ the attendant week or longer stay in the hospital.

She passed less than four days after putting her under hospice. Most of the time was spent in a coma and she never regained consciousness, although I hope she heard me tell her I loved her and it was alright to let go.

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Coming out of lurk mode....

My wife and I have been having these discussions for years and we're only in our 50s. She knows how I feel (too bad Dr Kevorkian is no longer around). The subject does come up every once in a while and we do talk about it, even in front of our kids. I know what she wants, she knows what I want.

Death is a fact of life.

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That video looked a lot like the "intervention" people stage to get someone to get treatment for drug abuse.

I liked PolymerMom's mother's way better: Just keep reminding your family of what you want.

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