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- I've broken 3 ribs from parasailing

- DW and I got caught in a freak thunderstorm that came out of nowhere with driving rain, 50 mph wind and lightening while kayaking out in the middle of Lake Ray Roberts. Kayak capsized and we swam/pulled the kayak about 2 miles until finally being rescued by the state park rangers. The storm lasted 1 1/2 hours before helicopters could spot us.

- Last summer, DW and were hiking to the top of Mount Bierstadt in CO. We did not leave early enough in the morning and again, got caught in a lightning storm. It was awful. We were scrambling down the mountain, hopping on boulder after boulder while the hair on our arms were crackling. You could hear the static electricity in the air.

- While hiking (alone) in the spring time near the Rocky Mountain National forest, I was not paying attention and veered over a frozen lake. The ice broke and I fell through. I was able to catch myself before falling all the way through and pulled myself up and onto the ice/snow and crawled back to the shore.

- Multiple mountain bike wrecks with broken bones and cracked ribs.

- survived an ocean sailing trip that was supposed to be a week of lounging in the sun, fishing and swimming off secluded beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, it was a week of hellish rain storms, concluding with a horrific storm with winds in the 70 mph range. We were trying to make it back to Freeport during a night sailing run. We pulled in the sail and tried to diesel back to port but we had bought some dirty diesel the day before so the engine stalled. So we trimmed the sail to the smallest the high winds could stand. I crawled out to the bow to throw the anchor in the water to stabilize us. That’s when the worse winds hit us and I could not risk crawling back to the stern. I was on the bow for 30 minutes and could see nothing except when a lightning strike hit. Waves were 10 to 15 feet high. It was surreal and the scariest I have ever been. All I had to hang on too was some flimsy railings that were being beat to death by the water and my 220 lbs. of pulling. When one of the posts starting getting lose, I said frak this and inched my way back to the stern. Seemed like it took hours. Eventually we were rescued by the coastguard. They informed us that a shrimp boat had capsized in the same storm and 2 fisherman died that night.

You can say I'm an idiot for putting myself into situations like this. I don't disagree. <g>

But this past weekend....I swear it was not my fault this time. I was biking in our small TX town with my oldest daughter. We had just trekked about 6 miles and were turning into our subdivision. We were single file, in the bike lane. Me 1st with DD trailing 20 feet behind.

I hear her scream and then WHOP!!!! I get sent off my bike and spill into the ditch.

A pickup truck had swerved into the bike lane, just missed DD and smacked me in my lower back with his mirror. Fortunately, it was a collapsible mirror, otherwise at the 40-45 mph he was going, he would have cut me in half.

By the time I collected my wits, DD and I could see that the pickup truck had increased its speed and took off. A hit and run! A guy pulled up a few seconds afterwards and asked us what had happened. I was beside myself, irrational, agitated and more pissed than I have been since reading galeno's posts about anti-Semitism and his homosexual pedophile escapades.

I quickly briefed him on what happened. He told me to jump in and we'll try to track him down. We sped down the road for a couple of miles but there were multiple turn-offs. We lost him. I wanted to tear that b@st@rd up. It took me 30 minutes to calm down. There was nothing I could do about it.

DD called 911 and gave a description of the truck. She did not get any part of the plate number. I opted to not go to the hospital. After all, I've been hit harder by linebackers in HS and college. I was sore and stiff the next day and have a huge nasty bruise on my back. The mirror hit the meaty part of my low back and just missed my spine. Super bowl Sunday sucked. I could not sit down comfortably at all.

The cops identified about 10 trucks that matched the description but DD said it could have been anyone of them. Later, a different cop called DD to tell her that there was not much else they could do. He told it her it most likely was an illegal alien. Out in are farm/ranch community, there are many of them and when they get into any kind of altercation, they flee.

My theory is that the guy probably was watching my DD’s butt and swerved into the bike lane accidentally. Why someone would not own up and stop to help is amazing to me.

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