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The day you volunteer to live near either one is the day I'll take you seriously.

worked on one when I was a teenager.. You get used to it. And will be moving back to that area in a few years. Plus intending to raise an animal a year and put it in the freezer the next... So will be around it thank you.

Are you purposely dim? I'm advocating for small farms. I like meat, I eat a lot of it. We can manage this better, keep small farmers in the black financially, and the surrounding communities happier.

What is it about you, that you can't see past a problem to a viable solution for everyone? Why do you immediately take the side of large monied interests and accept the status quo they want? Any why, oh why, do you make your liberal-commie-vegetarian-anti-capitalist assumptions based on a single phrase?

LOL... manage this better? Ok, how? You do realize of course, many small farmers are being driven out of business by rising property taxes, low returns on their products and the high cost to do business. Coupled with regulations that have effectively eliminated the ability of the farmers to hire kids like they did when I was growing up. That is if they could even find kids willing to do hard work anymore (even where I grew up in a rural area, the kids are no longer willing to do hard work that we got paid $2/hr doing)..

why do I take the side of monied interests? How about I am interested in protecting any farmer because I see way too many being driven out of business for any numbers of reasons. How about because of the half dozen farms that used to be in operation where I grew up, only 2 are left. The rest driven out by regulations making it impossible for the farmers to hire kids today which forces them to hire others at a cost/hr that the farmers couldn't afford to pay. The rest driven out because while the middle man made his fair share of profits, the farmer, the one actually doing all the hard labor got pittance for his products. So dam straight I am for protecting the farmers. They work their tails off. And barring a wipe out in regulations and laws protecting the farmers from rising property taxes, you aren't going to see a return of the small farmers in this country. Cause how many people do you know would be willing to do the work that it takes to run a farm in the first place?

then there are the conglomerates that seem to be the focus of your ire. To which I say, if it wasn't for them, I wonder what we would be paying for our food.

which is why my comment was, if you don't like the conglomerates, better like vegetables.

and by the way, what is it with you anyways? Anytime someone says something you don't like, you accuse them of being what was it?? oh yeah Any why, oh why, do you make your liberal-commie-vegetarian-anti-capitalist assumptions based on a single phrase?

you have a complex or something?

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