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always has..and always will........that's life...all the rest is debate...useless moral hi-ground yappity yap yap..accomplished nothing....self rightieous blah blah.....the end
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Immanuel Kant is rolling in his grave : )

John Stuart Mill lives on!

ab - If ATML fills the gap @ 0.80, mortgage the house...
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What I think is behind your statement is the belief that people like to think of themselves as principled, but that when push comes to shove, people often discard their principles if the payoff is great enough. I have the same belief. What I think this means, though, is either that people are not honest with themselves about what they really want, or that they have misidentified what they really want because they just never faced a situation in which 2 or more principles they hold come into conflict. But the self-deception or lack of sophistication of others isn't an argument for their (or your) having no principles. It's an indication of how tough it can be for people to be honest with themselves about, or do the hard work to figure out, what their principles really are.

What I've read of your writing tells me that you have few loyalties, but that those you do have are unshakable. So it sounds to me like you've got some principles lurking in the depths somewhere. Perhaps you just don't feel that it's worth the time and energy it would take to try and figure out what your principles are. But I've discovered that self-knowledge is the best knowledge one can have. I've also discovered that in order to be a successful trader (which I'm a long way from becoming, but which, thanks to you, I'm getting closer to), one has to have a good deal of self-knowledge, albeit of a limited sort, in order to assess and control emotional reactions that can frustrate a well-thought out trading strategy. So I don't buy that you're not one to look inside yourself. It would be beyond presumption for me to even pretend to try and understand you. But are you pretending not to understand yourself?
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The end always justifies the means

This may be true if your value system is simplistic and/or skewed toward instant gratification (and t-rat, I don't believe this is you, despite your assertions). Values are driven by beliefs, attitudes and perceptions (which include caring, patience, and tolerance for ambiguity quotients), and because of this can be fuzzy and ill-defined. There may of course be dimensions to one's values that are held so high that all else will be sacrificed in their favor. But most of us I believe would have to think a bit to select from choices in situations where the outcome is not win-win. In extreme cases where outcomes are dramatically life-transforming, catastrophic or even pyrrhic, then choice becomes that much more difficult.

Len (who lives in a complicated world)
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I am a Believer

but I will not stand by and watch evil...I am not Jesus..I carry a sword like Peter did

evil IS....the devil lives..see him for what he is...We are our brothers keepers...all this W this and Clinton that...screw em both..but..if good comes out of be it....I know good when I see it..and I know bad when I see it...we are our brother's that sounds too simple?...tuff titty.....I am sick to death how this world has stood by while this crap goes on since forever...even this country has a long history of turning a blind eye....the SS St Louis..know that story?...u should....never get the government mixed up with the people..there is right.and there is wrong...there is good...and there is sit on our soft butts with full bellies..and watch evil eat away like a cancer????....People need to finally get it...the world has gotten too damn small...we cannot do the Pat Buchanan thing....with walls and barbed wire around the many of you know that nazi ball bearings were made in Swiss factories right up till May of 1945?....until the US airforce bombed away the evidence? many know that the Dulles Bros shipped Arab oil to the nazis thru Spain all thru WW2?...probbly a very is all a corrupt cesspool of greed...we canot change that..we can do the right thing when we see it
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as far as I am concerned...if the end is good..then whatever it took to get there is good too....I once was I am not...I was once blind too....and now I
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