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The following is taken from a weekly email I receive from Rev. George Malkmus who has been on a strict vegan diet for 25 years. (Warning: He is a Christian and speaks of God and the Bible. He believes that God's way to ultimate health is the diet he gave man in Genesis 1:29)

He has spent many years researching diet and nutrition. If you want to know more, email me.

The answer to these questions came when I learned where vitamin B-12 actually comes from. I learned thatB-12
usually does not come from something we consciously put into
our body as food; rather, it is manufactured within the body
of all God's animal creations by bacteria and microbes. This
all came together for me when I read David Wolfe's book,
"The Sunfood Diet Success System." Following are some quotes
that I found extremely interesting in his book:

"Although animal and dairy products are a source of vitamin
B-12, the natural soil microbes and bacteria found on wild
food, unwashed garden plants, and also those supplied by
plant fermentation are typically adequate to supply the body
with vitamin B-12 needs. The natural microbes and bacteria
in the soil need to be duplicated and colonize in our
intestinal tract for optimal absorption of nutrients. . . .
Vitamin B-12 is produced by these natural microbes and
bacteria as they colonize the intestines.

"A problem with the formation of B-12 occurs when there is a
sterilization which happens between the picking of the fruit
or vegetable and the moment it reaches the mouth. Sterile
environments are unnatural. The soil microbes and bacteria,
which grow on raw fruits and vegetables, need to be
duplicated in the intestinal tract for the proper
assimilation of vitamin B-12 to take place.

"Dr. Victor Herbert described in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF
CLINICAL NUTRITION (1988, volume 48, p. 852-858) the
experiences of Dr. James Halsted, who traveled to Persia to
study a colony of Iranian vegans who did not experience any
vitamin B-12 deficiencies. He found that their naturally
fertilized vegetables were eaten without being carefully
washed. He discovered that strict vegetarians who do not
practice thorough hand washing or vegetable cleaning may be
untroubled by a vitamin B-12 deficiency.

"Studies have shown that those eating a typical diet of
animal products actually require more vitamin B-12 than
those who do not eat animal products. This is because the
typical diet leads to digestive atrophy. Because vitamin B-
12 is peptide bound in animal products and must be
enzymatically cleaved from the peptide bonds to be absorbed,a weakening of all gastric acid and gastric enzyme
secretions (due to a cooked food diet) causes an inability
to efficiently extract vitamin B-12 from external food. Raw-
food vegans, who have more powerful digestion, actually get
more vitamin B-12 reabsorption from the bile (liver
secretions into the duodenum) than they do from external

"Sugar . . . is an antibiotic. So a long-term high-sugar diet
. . . coming from refined sources . . . can damage or wipe
out the intestinal flora. Cooking also destroys microbes. A
highly-sterilized cooked-vegan diet may not provide the
intestines with enough excellent flora.

"To ensure an excellent quality of vitamin B-12, be sure to
eat some unwashed garden plants--more is better. Leave foods
unwashed that were grown wildly, homegrown, or picked by you
from an organic farm. Store-bought food is much different,
it should be washed because it can be loaded with mold,
pollution, and toxins."

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