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In December 1944, about 4,000 US POWs were taken to Stalag 9B. From among themselves, they elected a man named Hans Kasten -- an American of German descent. (Perhaps to piss off the Nazis?)

He was given the order to identify and separate all the Jews from the group.

He refused, and all 4,000 of the group likewise refused to identify which among them were Jews.

So the Germans walked among the American prisoners and picked out people they thought looked Jewish, or who had Jewish-sounding last names. They selected 350 'Jews' who were separated and deported to Berga (part of Buchenwald). They were forced into slave labor, and a significant portion died.

They never turned on their fellow Jews, and the gentiles among them never protested their innocence of the crime of being Jewish.

Of the 350, only 80 were really Jewish.

About 80 died at Berga, and another 130 or so when the Nazis evacuated the place and forced the weak and starving prisoners to march for days on end away from the advancing American troops.

Considering how the citizens of most countries have treated the Jews, I think this story is a tribute to the strength of character of the American people.
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God bless them.
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I just finished re-reading “A History of the Jews” by Paul Johnson. I also just found this board. Very nice to find this post – starts to balance the pit in my stomach from the bulk of the history in the book.

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