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why this economic havoc might not be temporary — and could require a substantial refashioning of the world’s shipping infrastructure

35-min podcast (first 10 minutes, which is all I've heard so far, is great)

Best info on this subject I've seen/heard.

This isn't Biden's or any other govt's fault. The problems include businesses making some bad decisions about canceling orders--then people stayed home needing a lot of supplies, the pandemic "stole" containers to take PPE from China--where they're mostly manufactured--to the entire world including the developing world which hadn't previously gotten so many shipments of anything, not enough truck drivers, just-in-time manufacturing, instead of making huge shipments to stores we're making tiny shipments to homes & apartments...
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A great analysis on the issue...

I though the whole "just in time" "minimal staffing" (to maximize profits) model had something to due with the issues we are all experiencing now..

IN short... Everything is changing... There will be no going back...

Examples: Working from home & online shopping were both growing things before Covid -- everything has been accelerated. Now a lot of the Profession workforce will never be going back to the "office", and on-line shopping will replace more malls.
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I am an IT PM and have been for close to a decade...

Being in the office means nothing to me...

Even before Covid -- Members of my project teams came from other buildings, other cities, other states, and even other countries.. Who is in my various Project teams always fluctuate.

Being in the office, face to face meetings, hall conversations, and time wasted in commuting actually cuts into productivity.. I find Teams and Zoom meetings are more on point and waste less time than face to face meetings.

Thanks to smart phones and tools like MS Teams & Zoom I can reach anybody at any time and have a conversation.

Though I do think some of my teams may get together at a local coffee shop once and a while just to see each others faces.
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