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Today's journey into Panther's world is brought to you by the letter “C”.

Good things that begin with C:

Cookies. Cookies are good. I'm partial to oatmeal-raisin myself. Nothing warms up a house like the smell of fresh baked cookies.

Cats. While I'm more of a dog guy myself, I appreciate a good feline (as my handle would indicate).

Children. The laughter warms up the house like the aforementioned cookies.

Clapton. Genius with a guitar.

Cable TV. Love the NFL Network

Carolina Panthers. Speaks for itself.

“Cheyenne Social Club”. Classic Western with Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, and Shirley Jones (Mrs. Partridge). If you've never seen it, find it. It's some funny stuff.

Cash. Everybody likes greenbacks.

Christmas. Peace on earth and good will toward men.

Chocolate. Again speaks for itself.

Bad things that begin with C:

I really only got one –


For those of you who have been following along at home, you will recall that Ms. Panther had a gallbladder situation a few weeks back. She'd been having some abdominal issues for quite a while and her gastro guy kept insisting it was muscle distress. Her gallbladder wound up rupturing and when they got it out it was actually gangrened. Gotta love those McDocs. Anyway, while she was in the hospital, they did some stuff that they do in those situations, one of which was a Catscan. The hospital folks noticed a weird thng on those pix, looked to be on her pancreas. They didn't really go much further at that time, what with her other organ deciding to burst, but after the surgery she was still having some pretty sizeable pain at times. Now Mrs. Panther, being who she is, was pretty sure that this was not “post surgical pain” like the hospital docs were telling her. So she, again being who she is, got on the phone and made a nuisance of herself enough so she got an appointment with the folks up at John's Hopkins, before the holidays at that. Pretty good feat for a regular citizen, but to be honest, those Hopkins folks didn't stand a chance. Mrs. Panther's pretty much a force when she decides to be.

She got a call two days after the tests were done. Tumors on the tail of her pancreas. 95% chance it's cancer.

They're scheduling the surgery for the next two weeks or so. The super pancreas guy is out of the country till Tuesday. He used to be head of surgery at Hopkins, so that is promising. I reckon he's pretty good at this kind of thing.

Pancreatic cancer is a pretty nasty thing. Most folks don't fare so well from it. We were fortunate enough to catch it when we did. I keep saying my hero in this is that gangrenous gallbladder, may that rotten bastard rest in peace. Without that, we'd have gone who knows how long without knowin'. Funny how things work out. “Blessing in disguise” springs to mind.

Mrs. Panther's in pretty good spirits. I think she's just glad to have a demon to face with this one. She's had so many issues for so long that had no discernable cause… she's just ready to kick some Cancer ass, I think. Me, on the other hand…

I've got to be honest with you, I'm scared shi…I'm pretty freaked here. We've been through a lot with Mrs. Panther's health these last few years, but I always knew it could be overcome. Maybe not cured, but certainly dealt with. You make adjustments, pretty soon it's just the way you live. Ain't nothin' but a thing. This thing though, there's so much that could go south real quick.

I don't know. I keep tryin' to look for the best, but I was never expecting this.

Anyway, I'd appreciate some good thoughts thrown this way, if you get time.

Thanks for listenin'

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