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L:::::::::L                               SS:::::::::::::::SP::::::::::::::::P  
L:::::::::L                              S:::::SSSSSS::::::SP::::::PPPPPP:::::P 
LL:::::::LL                              S:::::S     SSSSSSSPP:::::P     P:::::P
  L:::::L                  ooooooooooo   S:::::S              P::::P     P:::::P
  L:::::L                oo:::::::::::oo S:::::S              P::::P     P:::::P
  L:::::L               o:::::::::::::::o S::::SSSS           P::::PPPPPP:::::P 
  L:::::L               o:::::ooooo:::::o  SS::::::SSSSS      P:::::::::::::PP  
  L:::::L               o::::o     o::::o    SSS::::::::SS    P::::PPPPPPPPP    
  L:::::L               o::::o     o::::o       SSSSSS::::S   P::::P            
  L:::::L               o::::o     o::::o            S:::::S  P::::P            
  L:::::L         LLLLLLo::::o     o::::o            S:::::S  P::::P            
LL:::::::LLLLLLLLL:::::Lo:::::ooooo:::::oSSSSSSS     S:::::SPP::::::PP          
L::::::::::::::::::::::L oo:::::::::::oo S:::::::::::::::SS P::::::::P          

Welcome to the Land of Short Posts - the home of the One Million Post Thread.

We are Pleased that you have joined us. There are only a couple of 
important rules that you should be aware of and hopefully this will 
answer your questions as well.

- The Most Important Rule is to Post! The more posts the better!
Please post on the 1 Million Post Thread. We know that a million posts 
is a lofty goal, but already the million post thread has become the 
longest thread in all of Fooldom! We welcome any help that you would 
like to give.

- As this is the Land of Short Posts, we try to keep posts short. The 
occasional long post is acceptable. Usually a sentence or so is long 
enough. Keeping your posts short means more posts. This is also helpful 
if you are looking to increase your post count and gain stars.

- Drivel is acceptable. As we are involved in the quest for 1 Million 
posts (we may never get there, but we are still trying), the more posts 
that we get to post, gets us closer to the goal.

- Please keep the board and the thread clean. NO PROFANITY! We tend to 
Ignore those who insist on visiting and posting things that are
meant to incite riots and hurt feelings.

- Be nice! There is no need to attack other posters. This is a board 
where friends come to visit and we like it that way. We are always 
happy to welcome new people to the board and want everyone to feel like 
this is a nice place to visit! We want all to feel like they can visit 
at any time. 

- Try to post at least ten posts when saying Good Night or when you are 
leaving. You will find that this is not difficult as conversations tend 
to stretch on for a bit and by the time someone notices that you are 
leaving, they will have posted a few more posts, which you can reply 
to. At the end of your post you can say Good Night, then within a 
couple of posts everyone will know it's your intention to leave.

       _                           _
      / `._                     _.'      ( @ : `.                 .' : @ )
      \  `.  `.  ._     _.  .'  .'  /
       \;' `.  `.  \   /  .'  .' `;/
        \`.  `.  \  \_/  /  .'  .'/
         ) :-._`. \ (:) / .'_.-: (
         / .'._>_.-|:::|-._<_.'.          |o _.-'_.-^|:|^-._`-._ o|
         |`'   ;_.-'|:|`-._;   `'|
         ".o_.-' ;."|:|".; `-._o."   
           ".__."   \:/   ".__."

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