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”The message is clear--Hannity is not a journalist he's a fan and a talk show host.

I’m not sure what your beef is. Hannity consistently says he is not a journalist but that he is a commentator with clear bias that he readily tells his audience all about.

He was desperate to make trump look great and never asked a tough question.

I think he started out as a Cruz supporter. I listen to him regularly and would never have characterized him as desperate to ump Trump. He gave all the candidates as much air time as he could and didn’t really push any of them. He got behind the nominee but again, he is not a journalist, he is a commentator.

”The tradition continues unabated and unfortunately FOX news viewers cannot discriminate between news and entertainment.”

Actually most people struggle with the fact that every news network has journalists and commentators. I bet you can’t tell the difference over at MSLSD. Fox actually has quite a few reporters such as SHep Smith who is clearly a dem. Greta Van Sustren was a dem though she tried to be an unbiased commentator. Bret Baer is a journalist. They also have quite a few democrat commentators whereas most other news outlets have very few and those few barely qualify as republicans.

”#45 has this amazing free huge platform that backs his every thought enthusiastically with no critical evaluation. It's state TV no more no less. The problem is the all-important base can't tell a lie from the truth. Nobody consuming FOX and trump's steady attacks on all other media and journalism as FAKE NEWS can reach independent well-informed decisions. Trump has effectively neutered the 4th estate with enough of the voter base to give FOX this terrible misguided powerful influence.”

I would expect a true partisan hack to say this and not recognize, at all, the same is true for the rest of the media but for the entire democrat party. None of those ‘news’ outlets ever seriously looked into Hillary, Bill, 0bummer or any other democrat. In fact, they were more like Pravda than Pravda was. To this day they will tell you the 0bummer administration was the most scandal free in history despite mountains of evidence none of them ever pursued but merely poo pooed. They are the 4th estate of the democrat party and give them a free platform to regularly spew the party talking points. Ever hear of journOlist?

And libholes are some of the dumbest people on the planet who couldn’t tell their bum from a hole in the ground let alone distinguish between journalism and commentators, fact or fiction. Your little rant does nothing but point out what I am saying is true.


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