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yes yes its fun to talk about apple as if EVeryONe just KnoWs whats going on

"hey hey" they all breathlessly say "i read in the paper, that the cube sales are flat!"

so proud they are of this "insiders" knowledge

and the visual... cubes...flat... get it?
i spend quite a bit of time
in the stores (you can too, just get in your little car and do a survey)
listening to "the people"
you know, the consumers...
and you know what they say
"wow look at that"
"mom, thats what i want"
"that is so beautiful"

and this is just about the cube
the cube is such a NON ISSUE
when it comes to pricing apple

the point is
the cube was sold in one quarter (not even a full one)
and the price was set quite high
lets see have we seen this story before
ohh i know it's called
a-meri-can re-tail sell-ing
could mickey drexler
the ceo of the gap
and current board member
have anything to do with
SMART PLANNING 6months before XMAS
cuz if you didn't notice
christmas aint here yet
and there are SUBSTANTIAL
price cuts on the cube

and then the bull guy says
ohh and the 'company' called for
lower than expected sales
in the current quarter

do you believe everything that a company
tells you?

was apple making those predictions based
on sales of "the cube" in the slowest quarter
of the year
and 'gee' for sure they couldn't possibly
guage the impact of

ohh no
and of course apple NEVER guides downward
only to surprize! everyone during the earnings season
and again
and again

but that's not even what im here to say
apple has solid growth in the bag
if everything stays the
same as it is now
that is null
and void
things never stay the same

here, let me paint you a picture

aol buys time warner
99% of the country has cable lines right to
their living rooms
people are offered internet access at 1.5 MEGABITS per second
this speed is fast enough to allow a user to
keep information stored on the net, and be able to access that info at the click of a mouse.
and not have to wait.wait.wait til it uploads or downloads
or whatever
i know
i use it
video is sent real time and thats all there is to it

ohh we think that we're sooo sophisticated
with our little 30 second video clips
and our little bluemountain greeting cards
that's the kind of stuff that people do
when they are limited by a data rate
of 56 KILObits per second
not 1.5 MEGAbits per second
and the reason we all have
telephone access, is because of the freedom
of the information over the telephone wires
the cable lines however
are straight up "you get 30% you get 30%" monopolies
legal ones, of course
the government does it
when building out stuff for us
like sewers and garbage collection
fiberoptic lines
new power grids
and so on
but the monopolies end after a little while (and a few billion dollars of revenue later)
like how say the uhhh
phone monopolies ended after a while
but cable
that's much newer
and anybody buying cable lines
or building 'em all over the country
is gonna want some
protection on their investment

am i going too fast for you?

let me spell it out very slowly

we will all have broadband very soon
when that happens
the company that is deemed to be
best suited for that, will reap huge benefits

enron is creating a "marketplace for bandwidth"
that's a good place to start
petaBit switches and routers, there's another good place
and servers that manage internet traffic (suddenly the information superhighway is filled with fat bits of data, like so many SUVs) and speed up the delivery, like akamai, are good things to look at.

but don't stop there

why dont you ask yourself if apples
wireless crossplatform MEGABIT home ROUTER
is a good idea?
gee you can access that cableinternet
and serve it out to
your TV
your phone
your iMac
your compaq presario
your G4 cube
your oven
your handheld
your stereo

and still have two more spaces for whatever else
you can think of

all for 3 hundred bucks
hundreds and hundreds of dollars less than
any body elses...

and that's just that -airport-

woo ohh but what will people pay for the cable access
i know that about 20 million americans find it just
jim dandy
that they pay AOL $20 for 56k access
so what do you think the market is for
apples new operating system
has an email program built in
(and a web server too by the way)
that supports
-hoo hum-
drag and drop movies
drag and drop images
and of course
nobody wants that cuz
you send an email with a movie
and suddenly it takes
20 minutes to upload
but not with broadband

i know i know
"everyone has promised broadband for so long, it will never arrive"

no, you're right

and it never will happen until
someone buys the cable companies
and forces their lines open

when that deal goes through
it will begin
the real internet

the one where you can use apples iTools
to backup info on apples servers

you can use apple email program to send the
cute instant movies that you make using...

apples iMovie, which comes free with the OS

but it ain't gonna happen til the FCC settles with AOL
and that could take
AT LEAST 2 or 3 wEEkS!

we are on the edge of a revolution
and we are turning away
looking at our feet
as if we are in paradise

and all we have to do is walk
through the wide open door

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