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In lieu of my traditional April Fool's joke, I am going to step back to talk about something that is very serious.

When David Gardner left the advisory side of The Motley Fool 2 years ago, many assumed he had retired, launched into space with Jeff Bezos or moved on to something outside of investing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, he dedicated himself to helping build The Motley Fool Foundation.

What is The Motley Fool Foundation?

For three decades, The Motley Fool has encouraged and inspired a philanthropic culture among TMF staff and member Fools, most visibly through the annual Foolanthropy campaign. The Fool Foundation seeks to build on that mission.

Under development during the last few years, The Motley Fool Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity that officially launches today, April 1, 2022 with a vision of financial freedom for all. It’s an audacious goal that builds upon the Fool’s Foolanthropic legacy over the past 30 years.

Two-thirds of Americans are financially coping or unstable, according to a 2021 report published by the Financial Health Network. To change that narrative, diverse communities need to have a seat at the table, co-designing an inclusive system, strong economy and prosperous future for us all. We will strive to partner and lift from within by centering the communities we will serve, and leveraging our role as a trusted advisor to convene Fool members, internal Fools, and external partners for positive long-term change.

The time is now to do the important work of changing mindsets at the organizational and individual level, working together to remove the barriers to enable systems change, and give more people access to short-term and long financial resources. When that happens, more people than ever will have the ability to make important life choices.

You can learn more about The Motley Fool Foundation at

The Motley Fool Foundation, or Fool Foundation for short, has been a passion for both Tom and David Gardner. Led by David Gardner and directed by Jennifer Gennaro Oxley, the Fool Foundation seeks to serve the world community achieve financial freedom for all.

Financial Freedom does not mean financial independence but it does mean individuals have control over their finances and life choices. It means having having the cash, savings and investments to afford the kind of life they need and want for themselves and their families. It means living in an inclusive society with equitable access to opportunity for all.

The Fool Foundation mission is based on the Theory of Change, which is comprised of three elements:

Systematic Drivers - Education (financial literacy, work, housing, health, money) smartly aligned

Social Capital - Mentors and networks working towards the same goal

Individual Mindset - The motivation to rise and achieve.

All three of these elements provide an individual with the strongest chance of financial stability and freedom.

Roughly two-thirds of Americans are financially unstable, according to a 2021 report by the Financial Health Network. No doubt the instability from the pandemic in 2020 contributed to this result, but the struggle for financial stability and security precedes the uncertainty of the last two years.

The Fool Foundation is taking a holistic approach, partnering with vulnerable communities, to fuel a movement for generations to come.

As a Convener, the Fool Foundation will enable purposeful bridge building with active changemakers in the for-profit, nonprofit and governance spaces that reimagines financial freedom for everyone.

As an Innovator, the Fool Foundation will identify important tools that do not yet exist and bring them to life, dreaming up new ideas and forging new paths that align systems, entice social capital and provides actionable opportunity to unleash mindset with access to short-term and long-term money.

As an Accellerator, the Fool Foundation will help organizations already creating positive change to further their efforts by providing resources, people power and funding to fuel their work and make change happen faster.

Who does the The Motley Fool Foundation help?

54% of Americans are financially vulnerable, according to the Financial Health Network, and the Fool Foundation will initially be focusing on this space, working with community leaders to co-design solutions and leverage networks to break down barriers, build stability and create the opportunity for long-term financial freedom.

How will the The Motley Fool Foundation help?

The Fool Foundation is not directly funding individuals and families but seeks to work with organizational partners that are already working to serve the needs of their constituents.

The Fool Foundation's Pay It Foolward program will bring wider visibility to existing philanthropic activities by Fools as well as offering Fools the opportunity to become involved through a variety of community-based programs to be launched in 2022 and beyond. Check the Fool Foundation website at regularly for details, or email [email protected] to let the Fool Foundation know about your existing work and explore how the Fool Foundation can help.

For Fools who want to Pay It Foolward with a tax-deductible donation, as a 501(c)3 public charity, the Fool Foundation is required to raise at least 33% of funds from pubic sources.

Central to the Fool Foundation's efforts will be to develop SMART goals in the following areas:

Mindsets: Shifting the individual, corporate and society mindset from exclusivity to inclusivity

Money: Identifying short-term opportunities for people today, and then planning for the future and building wealth.

The System: Unifying solutions and breaking down silos to keep people from being left behind.

The Fool Foundation's Changemaker Initiative will collaborate with social enterprises across diverse sections of society to support the five drivers of financial freedom: money, housing, health, work and education. An example of this initiative is to launch the Financial Freedom Fellowship program with Ashoka, a global pioneer in the social entrepreneurship space.

Each Financial Freedom Fellow will receive an unrestricted financial award to advance their work and access to an Innovation Fund for collaborations with other Fellows. While the funding is important the real value will be amplifying their work and connecting the Fellows to the larger Fool Network.

How is The Motley Fool Foundation Motley?

In the context of the Fool Foundation, Motliness is reflected in inclusivity of the systems the Fool Foundation builds. The Fool Foundation promises to be a trusted advisor, bridge builder, rule-breaker and partner to help co-design a future where everyone has equitable access to financial freedom.

So How Can I Help?

That is so cool that you want to support the Fool Foundation!

Of course, there's an easy donation page at

If you can, please consider covering the Fool Foundation's credit card transaction cost.

And you can mail a check payable to:

The Motley Fool Foundation

PO BOX 70706

Be sure to include your phone number and email address to receive a confirmation receipt.

The Fool Foundation also accepts matching company contributions, as well as donations of stock through the Make A Donation page at The Fool Foundation will also work with you to include legacy gifts or bequests in your estate planning.

The Fool Foundation is also registered with Amazon Smile as your charity designee for 0.5% of your eligible purchases. You can also create Fundraisers on Facebook, GoFundMe and other charity fundraising sites.

At this time, the Fool Foundation does not accept donations in cryptocurrencies.

All initial administrative and operating costs have been covered by generous grants from Tom and David Gardner, so 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go towards convening people and organizations for a common goal, identifying creative solutions, and accelerating programs that will foster systemic change.

How are the other Motley Fool businesses connected to the Fool Foundation

They aren't. The Motley Fool Foundation operates as a separate public charity that will not engage in initiatives that would be seen as benefiting the bottom line of the for-profit Motley Fool businesses.

While The Motley Fool made an initial investment to set up the Fool Foundation for success, there is no ongoing participation or funding by The Motley Fool. That means that profits from The Motley Fool are not shared with the Fool Foundation. Nor does supporting the Fool Foundation earn member Fools any discounts or privileges with The Motley Fool or its premium services.

Where Do I Go For More Information?

This post is not meant to be an all-inclusive introduction to The Motley Fool Foundation and may contain incorrect information, so while this is NOT an April Fool's joke, you should trust but verify before taking action.

If you have any questions about The Motley Fool Foundation, please visit the website, or email [email protected]

I encourage anyone wishing to support the Fool Foundation mission of creating the opportunity for financial freedom to do so in any way they feel appropriate...

Who got the ball rolling today with a supporting donation and will make an additional $1 donation per Rec this post receives, and an additional $5 per donation made (you can document your donation by clicking E-Mail this Reply to the Author AND unclicking Post this Reply to the Boards and including the middle paragraph of the confirmation email and your Transaction ID...

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