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I met a chick last Weds. who asked me out and we made plans for yesterday (Sunday). Saturday evening I left her a message to call me, saying "I am not a late sleeper so call whenever you get up".

7:45am she calls, what a stupid bitch. 7:45am?!? I've been up for an hour but who the hell calls someone at that time, so naturally, I will not speak with her yet, so I don't pick up.

(first sign that something is weird- even though I said I don't sleep late and to call whatever time she gets up....I think it is a little much to actually believe someone when they say that!)

8:15am I return her call, get voicemail and leave a message.

9:55am She calls:

her "Do you still want to get together today?"

me "Sure, this afternoon I have to meet up with my friend who is in town, then I need to rearrange my sock drawer, then do some laundry, but if you'd like to come with me to the Laundromat, before I head out for the evening, that would be great."

her "OK, so should I bring over fabric softener?"

me "Sure, and lots of quarters"

her "OK, sounds good"

me "Listen, I am just watching the dog lick his balls, can I call you back as soon as he's done?"

her "OK"

10:00am I call her back, and that selfish bitch doesn't even answer her cell phone, and I have never heard from her again.

So, I'm a bit confused as to what happened here. It seemed as though if I had not gotten off the phone to finish watching the dog, I was on the brink of having my laundry costs subsidized.

Was she really thinking she deserved more time and attention from me than my allowing her to help with my laundry and perhaps – if she's good – fold my underthings? Not that I know this chick at all but she seemed pretty mild mannered to be so sleazy. Also our brief encounters were not exactly highly sexually charged and we had never discussed me actually pretending to give much of a crap about her. Anyway, I don't even know this chick, who on earth would assume I would exert any effort on someone I feel – at best - lukewarm about and who I would drop in a second if someone less objectionable paid me even the slightest bit of attention

Did she panic at the idea that I expected her to pay for my laundry? I guess this is a possibility? Though she could have just as easily gotten a bar of soap and a rock and taken my stuff down to the river to wash it

She couldn't possibly have felt blown off by me, after all I did offer to let her hang around with me. Even though I only had a window to see her during the day, she should understand that a little MIA is better than a lot of most other guys.

So basically the solution I think I am going to go with is that she is clearly a self absorbed freak, and I managed to escape being slaughtered in my own bed.

In that case, wow, I am lucky!

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