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I had a lovely evening here knowing full well I will be an achy Wild come morning because of the truckload of stuff I unloaded and carried today.

Did no laundry, and had a nice chat on the phone with the lady I take out for home care. She has a procedure coming up, so we were gabbing about the neighbor, and her new to her car.

Thinking how I will approach the neighbor about the truck key that they have had forever. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I know!

Text message!

Being unfailingly polite, I sent a text thanking her and her man friend for getting AGs things out today. Not one word about the tool box, of course. Some addict probably has that, or they sold the stuff. I don't put much past them, but I don't have proof.

Anyhow, I then type that I cannot continue to pay for gas and wear and tear on the HH and the truck. I say that it would be fiscally catastrophic if either of the vehicles got into an accident, for my insurance is very high. I am not paying a higher premium for three years because these folks are slugs.

No one would give me a break when I had nothing. Except AG, of course.

So, I requested the key to be put into the Honda beverage holder. I keep the HH unlocked, so it's only a few steps from her place. Oh, and then I said that if she needed to go anywhere, with some notice I could take her. No sense being a mean old thing.

These folks have cars and trucks all over the place. Let them pay their own insurance and tires. I have enough to support. I am over it.

wild :)
enjoying the calm.
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I failed to mention that I cut both phones off as soon as I sent the message. Cell and house phones are both DOA. Now it's near bedtime. I shall sleep well.

wild :)
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Excellent move on your part. I’m all for helping people, but they need to get their own cars.

wondering what would happen if they robbed a store with your car
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I am not paying a higher premium for three years because these folks are slugs.

I hope you left this part out of your text.

Who probably would have just said that your auto insurance will not let anyone other than you drive the vehicle and you have no choice but to ask for the key back...

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I thought there would be much drama.


I got a text back

No Problem

Now I look and see a few more messages. She did not feel well to go out today. It was a lousy day weather wise with sheets of rain.

So we can let this settle down, and I am getting things done. Rain is going to hold off till Friday after that mess today and the pond out front didn't flood my vehicles. I am heading to the eye doctor Friday afternoon , so not having the sun out will help my eyes after those hateful drops.

wild :)
using that Medicare up!
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