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Recently Fool had an article relating investers to birds pecking at a lever for food pellets after the lever quit workimg. Can any one give me a link to that and any other articles anywhere that discusses the "investers mind", such as how sometimes investers will easily buyy into a shameless spin on some bad news, and other times it takes mounds of good news to change someones opinion to a more positive note after being burned in the past on a stock or secter.
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if you click on home in the main page and under the search, you enter "pigeon", you will find an entry "Investors as Pecking Pigeons", that's the link you want, the actual link is here

if you are looking for rats, you may try "psychology" as the search, an interesting story about rats and food levers,

what about dogs ? use the search word "pavlov"

hope this helps

who wonders if there is an entry on investor psychology involving monkeys
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