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Another field that Nvidia not only leads in but is creating. NVDA at 6.71x enterprise value will be back, we all know this. But more than half of their revenues and profits are from gaming. Thus, will gaming revert back to the old days that had NVDA's share price look as flat as a slope somewhere in Death Valley or clear out the inventory, put out some new software drivers, get more games out there, and get designers use to programming for Turing will growth return?

One thing for sure, unlike Pascal where AMD could imitate it and there was not much deviation to plug and play an AMD card for the most part, AMD has no Turing architecture, and programming for Turing is a whole new ball game, thus creating that monopoly that we all discussed. That monopoly still exists.

As for the rest, the medical verticals will be a near monopoly as well. But medical always takes a bit more time given the peer reviews necessary, and in some cases FDA approval. Autonomous cars, yes, as we have discussed, we have seen the first commercial roll outs. One of the Google taxi service (still with a driver in front though just in case) that does not use Nvidia. And one in Sweden (I believe) with commercial trucks using Nvidia (I would suspect no drivers on-board but would need to confirm). And that is just in time as 2019 was pegged as the year it all begins.

The best time to buy a great company is when it crashes and nobody wants it. We have seen that so many times. I am of course going to take my full capital loss, but then start to consider again.

One does have to consider that Nvidia missed by $700 million on its bread and butter. A market it should know better than their spouses faces. But is what it is. There is still no other Nvidia, unless Nvidia management will take down the company like Yahoo! management did when they stopped their focus on search and tried to become a media company like AOL. Both ventures failed and the era of Google swept over the lands. But behold, amongst them arrived a stranger from a strange land bringing freedom outside of the walls where the peasants can also compete and democratize the internet once again. TTD of course.

Things move fast in tech, no doubt. This miss may cause Nvidia to up their game even more. I do believe their management is that good that this is what will happen. But that is a bit of an oxymoron considering just how bad they were in the core of what they do. Alas, thus is the world of FUD.

Interesting stuff though. The creation of 3D virtual worlds. If you have not tried out a true VR system yet, say the wired Oculus or the Vive (such as I have) the detail is shocking, the immersion is total, and the pictures are beautiful. It is amazing how these worlds are created. Anything that can enhance the reality and make more efficient their creation is a superb thing.

Btw/ Windows sucks again. Windows 10 turned off my Bluetooth, and the icon to turn it back on disappeared. So I unloaded the driver and tried to reload the driver from Broadcom...near impossible for a non-techie to do. So I need to bring the desktop in tomorrow to have a professional do it. All my computer has been doing is rebooting from time to time to update or playing the occasional VR game. Jeepers! Its been 40 years Microsoft!

But long way to say is I am going to start doing VR fitness games in addition to tennis, such as boxing and robot slicing with sabres (good skill to have). I will combine that with my usual calisthenics, jump roping, and dog walking, and I believe one can stay quite fit while playing video games in VR. There is even now a VR exercise rating guide that goes from walking intensity all the way up to sprinting intensity (which is the highest level, even above swimming and cycling (in that order) elliptical is the #3 setting - moderate, middle of the road workout. These games are being tested using heart monitors and oxygen monitors to obtain accurate read outs for accurate comparisons for each level of exercise.

So, yet another reason to go VR. Yeah Nvidia. Boo Nvidia. Love/hate, all the same sometimes. I am still at the 1070 and have no interest in upgrading to Turing, but perhaps in 2 to 3 years we will all want to upgrade to Turing, or need to in order to enjoy these growing virtual worlds in these games.

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