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Welcome to Part 16 of the State of the Fuskie Address. Confused? Check the bottom of this post. And you thought the DaVinci code was complex!

Ah, small caps. Hidden Gems (I have been a subscriber of this newsletter since its inception) accurately describes my valuation values: Look for companies that are undervalued with the business operations, sector influence, management and financial balance to surprise Wall Street with their success.

Due to the proprietary nature of Hidden Gems recommendations, I will not list the companies I have purchased. Instead, I will just say that successful small cap companies often grow in to mid-cap companies and either get bought out or morph into successful large cap companies. If you want to get into company as a child and watch it grow into its full potential, small cap value investing is a good playground in which to play.

Aside: Many Fools have suggested that links to posts on other discussion boards be identified so that you can avoid jumping into a thread past where you last read. One wise fool suggested that you open these links in new browser windows or in a new tab if your browser supports them. If you stumbled into this post and are confused, you are probably not alone. You can start from the beginning by going to the end.

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Who feels so strongly about small cap investing, it is the most active portion of his portfolio...
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