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The Simpsons: A somewhat complete history of 'Homer³' from 'Treehouse of Horror VI'

[...] “I wouldn’t rank this as the funniest thing that I’ve written, because that wasn’t entirely the goal,” says David X. Cohen, a former Simpsons producer who penned the segment. “It was the most ambitious episode I’ve worked on, requiring the most people to suffer the most to get it on the air…. I believe at the time that we ourselves were so dazzled by the graphics that we just wanted to linger on them with a little bit of suspenseful music and just kind of show off. We slowed down a little bit just to say, ‘Hey, world, we’re doing this thing that no one else can do right now!’”

Offers David Mirkin, longtime Simpsons producer who directed the live-action portion of Homer³: “People loved it back then because it was having fun with technology at the moment, and now it looks like a piece of history, of being amazed at technology that’s no longer amazing. So, it works funny in both ways.” Adds Simpsons director and producer David Silverman: “It hadn’t really been done — certainly not for TV. It’s very hard to explain it to people. It’s like, ‘Well, you know, my friend, you kinda had to be there…’” [...]

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