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Many businesses live or die by the money that comes into a city by conventions.

I have gone all over this country to conventions. Cities and states have spent billions on large convention centers to attract the business of conventioneers eating, drinking and staying at their hotels.

What company or organization is going to risk their people at a convention going to a city where security is any iffy deal?

Who is going to take the responsibility of taking their thousands of employees or members to Seattle, Chicago or New York again?

When these cities go into and stay in a deep recession, it’s going to be Trumps’ fault of course.
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When one is faced with an incompetent mayor of a large city, their incompetence can sometimes be mitigated by an on the ball governor.

Alas, in both Washington state and NY, the governors are sorely lacking in positive abilities.

Earlier today I read where Governor Cuomo went on a rant against the NYPD. He asked if the $1B in cuts would be enough.

Now NYC gets huge revenue streams from such things as sports and entertainment (ie their many major league sports teams, Broadway shows, the Javits Center for conventions,trade shows, etc). Locking down the city has given many businesses some insight into changing their business models. With many more working from home or companies placing satellite locations outside of NYC, they are finding that the large amount of negatives of NYC now outweigh the benefits.

With Broadway shows shut until January, all the ancillary business including air traffic, limos, hotels, restaurants, museums, stores and gift shops, etc you have an extended period of time with massive holes in revenues. Add in the spike of violent crime that is going unchallenged, you have a recipe for people all over the country and the world to not only cancel planned trips, but to never schedule them anyway.

A column in the NY Post tackled the question of whether De Blasio was a Putz or a Schmuck. For those unfamiliar with those terms, a Putz is someone incapable of doing the right thing. A Schmuck is someone who deliberately does the wrong thing. Unfortunately, one could have the same debate about Cuomo.

A lot was made about AOC's lack of understanding economics. When she led the drive to keep Amazon out of NY, she wanted to take the money the state would spend on incentives and spend it on her favorite social causes. Of course she failed to grasp that the money wasn't just sitting there. It would be a reduction in taxes and costs for Amazon AFTER they had spent a bundle setting up shop and hiring a boatload of people with very good paying jobs. Those jobs would have created many other supportive jobs to service Amazon's presence. All of that would have created very large additional revenue streams for the city and the state.

Similarly, the $1B reduction in NYPD spending is not something that is now sitting in a rainy day account. ALL city expenses have to be paid out of existing revenue. The progressive beliefs that DeBlasio and Cuomo hold do not change the economics of the situation. When you do things to drive down business (and I haven't even dealt with the cash cow that Wall Street has historically been for NYC) and chase away the tourists, you are not thinking straight. I don't grasp how public safety is not the top priority.

You may remember the Washington governor said well after the Seattle occupation began that "This is the first I heard of it". Much further into the mess he said "I haven't had the chance to speak with the mayor yet".

In the end the MATH will always win.

BG (BTW, they are all Schmucks.)
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When she led the drive to keep Amazon out of NY

Smart choice based on economics (try learning it some day).
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Small vocabulary correction:

Putz and Schmuck are both words for male reproductive oragan
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Here is the referenced column by Michael Goodwin:

Growing up in the NY/NJ metro area, I absorbed a lot of vocabulary in multiple languages. The terms mentioned earlier were heard or overheard on a very regular basis.

I always considered a person who was called a putz to be a doofus of sorts. You wouldn't want to rely on them for anything important because the outcome was not likely to be what you desired. Put another way, their intentions may have been good, but the results seldom were.

OTOH, a person who was known as a schmuck is so much worse. They have the smarts and the ability to do what is necessary and to do it correctly. They simply choose to do what they do out of spite or otherwise bad intentions.

I have come across more than my share of both of them over the years. I like when there are words in another language that can much more accurately describe a person or their behavior.

When I think of the recent actions of Cuomo and DeBlasio, the Italian word Stroonze seems to fit them perfectly.

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From the Urban Dictionary;
1. putz

Literally, vulgar slang for penis, not to be used lightly. More offensive than the schmuck, which can be used affectionately or teasingly. Rarely used to describe the member, schmuck does that.

See; .

C.J.V. - day boat be from Yiddish, yes
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