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Hey Gang,

I'm reshuffling my portfolio to serve more as a Great American Focusing Project - DAMN IT'S HARD TO FOCUS...

And I put a green thumb instead of a red thumb on Kodak.

I'm interested in the dramatic idea of "The Tyranny of Score" - meaning one danger of CAPS is worrying too much about score and not enough about growing as an investor, learning and making fat tons of cash. I smell a blog post!.


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i just started a thread about this (i think?) and probably should have read your post first rather than start the thread. frankly, i don't think i am learning from CAPS to "....grow(ing) as an investor and mak[e](ing)...tons of cash." in fact, my typo CAOS instead of CAPS, which i corrected in the preceding line, probably describes my learning experience!
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I agree. You need evaluate each potential trade from several different perspectives. I tend to pay little attention to scores and research each investment op extensively then ad only then do I consider purchasing.

This may be a good candidate for a case study.
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