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There is so much wrong with your commentary that I don't know where to start. Try to remember that I am attacking the comments, not you personally.

Yes, slavery is a "favorite target" of atheists because it is so obviously wrong to own another person as property, and yet the alleged creator of everything couldn't even figure out that much. I will ignore your diversions about why atheists believe as they do. First, they're wrong. Second, they're not relevant to the topic. I will not attribute motives to your beliefs, and don't attribute any to mine. If you wish to tell me your "why", that's great. Don't tell me mine.

I suppose starting with the fatuous comment that mortgages are slavery is as good a place as any. Other than in a colloquial sense, these bear no resemblance to each other. "I slave away at work". "I have to work to pay the bills". "I'm a slave to my house." Various other incarnations of that meme still bear no resemblance to actual slavery. Your mortgage is a mutual agreement between you and the bank. You were free to enter that agreement, or not as you chose. You can refinance (in most arrangements) any time you want, or pay it off, or sell it and eliminate it. Same with employment. You accepted a job offer, are presumably well-paid (I would assume that of a Purdue engineer), and can leave any time you like. You are in no way a "slave". You are free to enter and exit these arrangements as you wish. An actual slave has no choice. They are compelled by physical violence, if necessary, to be present and work for their owner. That was true of the African slave trade, and that described in (among other places) EX 21.

To compare that to slavery is insulting to people who have suffered the legacy of true slavery.

Would you consent to be my slave under the terms of EX 21? Would you be willing to be beaten so long as you don't die in two or three days, and regard that as "not cruel"? There were different rules between Hebrew slaves and non-Hebrew, but I'll own you under the more lenient Hebrew rules, OK? Very few were voluntary (none of the "heathen"; those are to be bought from the nations around you, and you can bequeath them to your children), and even the Hebrew slave could only be released during "Jubilee" (once every 50 years, IIRC), and the owner could still keep any wives and children because only the male was eligible for release. So even if the owner was supposed to release the male slave, he could arrange it such that he could still keep the rest of the family. What man would leave his family in slavery? Nice little loophole. Theists like to claim it wasn't "real" slavery, but indentured servitude. No, it was owning other people as property slavery. Buying people and leaving them to your children as you would your house or ox. The context doesn't save the bible in that regard. It just digs the hole deeper.

No, I am confident no one would agree to be a slave under the conditions of EX 21. And that shouldn't have been an option in any event. God can ban adultery and mixing fabrics, but he can't ban owning other persons as property? Pretty feeble god. Even Jesus who was supposed to fix everything got it wrong. "Slaves obey your masters". Yeah, great moral teaching. Secular society figured it out in spite of the religious.

I probably missed some points. I can catch them up later if necessary.
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