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Home alone with the hubster I don't have many occasions for a deep, long, genuine smile. But I smile when I listen to They Might Be Giants :-)

Istanbul (not Constantinople):

Birdhouse in Your Soul:

The Mesopotamians:

You're on Fire:


The story on them in this afternoon's PBS news-half-hour inspired my listening:

huh...earlier today I was listening to Wagner ;-)
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WHile I watched the weekend PBS news-half-hour and listened to TMBG and made the previous post, the hubster has been engrossed in the new LLBean catalog. And he's still on the first page. The cover just came off--maybe another hour of fascination. In many respects like a 1-2-yr-old (except toilet trained and not fussy about food--but can be just as resistant to bathing and undressing for bed!).
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