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This recap of the Knicks win over the Hawks last night is shocking.


First of all, let's take note that the Hawks were playing without Josh Childress and Joe Johnson. Essentially, that means that Knicks performance was meaningless. They were playing a glorified AAU team.


Yet, the Times finds hope in the performance...


"Although it took a while for the rout to develop, it was immediately clear what [Jared] Jeffries can do for the Knicks. He had a tip-in, two layups, a rebound and a steal in the first five minutes. He twice dove out of bounds chasing loose balls."


I'm sorry. But he twice dove out of bounds? Did he get the balls? Was there success? Oh wait. This is the Knicks. Who cares if they were successful as long as for the first time in the last few years they actually showed some signs of life?!?!


Of course, the reporter here wasn't the only one on crack.


"[Magic] Johnson called [Stephon] Marbury “one of the best open-court players” in the N.B.A."


One of the best open court players in the NBA? As long best doesn't mean, oh, top 30, then maybe he's got a point.


Golly. Let's blow up the Knicks, start over, and be done with it. Sheesh.


And now back to your regularly scheduled CAPS programming...

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Tell us how you really feel Tim. :)

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